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Soft Tissue Therapies

Corresponding to the anatomy and physiology of organ function and specific to esthetic practice, Soft Tissue Trainings focus on analysis and therapeutic treatment skills. Drawing from oriental diagnosis, constitutional analysis and dermatone reflex practices, practical trainings emphasize identifying imbalances and corrective protocols.

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An all natural, anti-aging ‘face lifting’ technique, Connective Tissue firms, tones and balances the tissue while enhancing collagen synthesis and encouraging deep relaxation. The Workshop focuses on theoretical principles, practical treatment skills and instruction in protocols specific to esthetic practice. 20 Hours


A rebalancing technique corresponding to the anatomy and physiology of organ function, Reflexology is based on the principle the entire body may be accessed through specific reflexes. Effective in identifying and addressing areas of congestion, practical instruction emphasizes thumb & finger placement, techniques and structured protocols. 16 Hours


Drawing from oriental diagnosis and constitutional analysis this aromatic inspired, intentional touch therapy explores the skin’s reflex action and the telltale signs of distress of underlying tissue which may compromise the integrity and vitality of our skin.  Employing facial drainage techniques, essential oils serve as rejuvenating medium for treatment and re-balancing. 18 Hours


As a cornerstone of natural, holistic practices, Hydrotherapy Trainings explore the rejuvenating and restorative benefits of water, thermalism and mineral rich natural elements. Practical sessions include instruction in hydro related therapies and corresponding protocols.



This two day Workshop explores the holistic benefits of hot and cold applications in conjunction with the physio-chemical effects of muds, clays and temperature. Practical training includes instruction in hot & cold compresses applied to face and body to decongest and improve oxygenation while simultaneously enhancing the skin and circulatory system. 20 Hours.


Mineral rich mud and clay are effective in addressing congestive disorders and general detoxification. The program examines the physio-chemical characteristics of mud and clay and the role of temperature and penetrability in treatments. Practical training includes instruction in localized and general treatments plus various wraps. 16 Hours.


The innumerable health and beauty benefits of the marine climate are explored with special emphasis on the use of mineral rich seawater and marine plants in skin treatments. Practical training includes instruction in algae, salt and water treatments in local applications plus home regimes to share with clients to enhance overall vitality and radiance. 12 Hours.


Utilizing warm and cool river stones to create a penetrating massage, stone therapy promotes tissue cleansing, deep relaxation, oxygenation, tissue integrity and the balancing of energy centers. Training includes instruction in stone placement and structured routines. 16 Hours.

Bio Chemical Elements

Understanding the role of bio-chemical elements of the human body and its relationship to food, environment and climate is an essential component of holistic practice. Estheticians learn to identify the links between general constitutions and the corresponding elements found in treatments – links which bear considerable influence in the selection and efficacy of en-suite services and home care.



Focusing on the integrative relationship of general constitutions, bio-chemical elements, nutrition and environment, estheticians are taught the skills to identify and develop bio-chemical treatment programs specific to clients’ constitutional needs. 18 Hours.


Drawing on the teachings of the ASTECC curriculum and serving as a practical workshop, estheticians evaluate body types, general constitutions and medical histories to determine appropriate esthetic treatments and home regimes. 24 Hours.