Spa Wisdom for A Happy Holiday

ASTECC board member and founder of “Insiders Guide to Spa” , Mary Bemis shares some holiday wisdom in her new article “Spa Wisdom for A Happy Holiday”.

As the year winds down and as we prepare for the new one, keep in mind the Seven Timeless Truths of Spa. Reflect on them as you create your own healthy New Year’s resolutions.These are bits of wisdom to help guide you, gleaned from the experts and courtesy of the Washington Spa Alliance.

1. Nature
A part of nature not apart from nature, we find solace, soul and sustenance here. Reconnect on a daily basis with sky, sun, leaves.—Anne Bramham, Founder, American Spa Therapy and Education Council

2. Fitness
The most powerful spiritual and physical practice is a 10-minute walk. Why? Research shows the walk is the most reliable way to improve mood and boost energy, making problems appear smaller. A brief walk is a lever that can move the world.—Stephen Kiesling, author, Olympic athlete, and former editor-in-chief, Spirituality & Health

3. Water
Drinking water, playing with water, healing with water—be with water in all ways, always.

4. Community
Consider self-transformation, for sake of community transformation.—Eric Somerville, Executive Director, Druid Hill Family Center Y

5. Food
You truly nourish when you cook with love.—Scott Uehlein, Corporate Chef, Canyon Ranch

6. Quiet
Find a quiet hobby. We have become so numb to noise pollution that we have lost the value of silence. So, when all is quiet around us, we tend to become hauntingly uncomfortable and fill the void with unwanted and wasteful thoughts or chatter. We must learn to deflect this tendency and to explore our own soul in these precious moments.—Kate Mearns, Spa Director, The Spa at Colonial Williamsburg

7. Sleep
Get more Sleep. Do more Dreaming: Live Life—deeply, fully, and Well.—Professor Jonathan Paul de Vierville, Professor Emeritus of The Humanities, Interdisciplinary & Global Studies at The Alamo Colleges, and owner of the Alamo Plaza Spa

May your holidays be joyous and peaceful.

Anne Bramham