A Purposeful Practice

A Purposeful Practice

Prior to opening in 2002, Barbara Schultz – the opening Spa Director for Montage, Laguna Beach brought ASTECC on board. She was very clear about her intention: “I want to make a difference,” she told me.

Yesterday, fifteen years later, I received an email from one of the Deer Valley Montage therapists. Here it is:


After a couples’ massage, the other therapist told me that we should’ve traded clients.

Apparently, her guest had swelling in her left arm due to a mastectomy and removal of 15 nodes on the left side 2 years before. I spoke with the guest prior to her departure and offered her some information and asked if she’d be interested in returning the next day for MLD.

The guest was familiar with MLD and was surprised we offered it. She happily agreed and her session with me the next day was a fantastic experience for both of us.

At the beginning of the session i spent some time answering her questions, listening to her frustrations and concerns and educating her as to the reasons she was swelling. (She had been taping but had been directing the tape directly into her left armpit and as a result had been experiencing some aching and heaviness in the left armpit.)

I gave her some alternate directions for taping and proceeded to use therapy II & III protocols for crossing watershed to the right side and even down into the Inguinals.

The guest was from Boston and would only get MLD when summer hit and heat and humidity would increase her swelling. I advised her not wait but to maintain by receiving MLD a couple of times a month.

When the treatment was finished she told me that she felt like she had been sent an angel by meeting me. It was a lovely experience.

Thank you for introducing me to this work  it’s days and clients like that that keep me going.

Maryann D.

And to Barbara Schultz, I would say CONGRATULATIONS! Your clarity and your resolve has made a difference.

Maryann, by the way, will be joining the ASTECC teaching training program this year. Like many in our tribe she will continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

– Anne

MLDAnne Bramham