It Takes Your Breath Away

As I navigated a challenging mountainous  incline outside of the Montage Deer Valley Resort I found myself struggling for breath.  Back home in Florida I was doing a few miles on the treadmill each morning but this jaunt, at an elevation of 8600 feet, was a very different experience.

It was hard work.

Aware of my vigorous pulse, I watched the forest of Aspens ahead of me and  focused on the energetic dance of their quivering leaves. Several years ago, while doing pre-opening research on the Deer Valley property, I had learned ‘quivering’ was the Aspens’ means of respiration. It was how they breathed.  I had also learned that a forest of Aspens were all connected by a single root network.

A hundred trees. A single organism. It had fascinated me.    

I looked up and scanned the mountainous terrain – a terrain illuminated by grassy slopes, a sea of wild flowers and a brilliant blue sky.  I listened to the music of the wind, the sounds of chirping birds, the steady drone of bees.  I watched bees gather pollen from nearby thistle and wild camomile, marveled at the industriousness of nectar seeking hummingbirds and watched the graceful flight of butterflies – each nourishing and being nourished by the world around them.

It was then I understood my walk had been less about exercise. It was about ‘being’.

Nature is very wise.

Montage Deer Valley: Breathtakingly beautiful.

Anne Bramham