MLD – The Legacy of Emil Vodder

I’m currently sitting in the train station at Kufstein, Austria having just attended the International Lymphatic Drainage Conference and the annual Vodder School teacher meeting. I feel good. I feel fortunate.

At the teacher meeting I was joined by 32 instructors from around the world ( Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, US). For two days we reviewed, practiced and refined our skills. Reviews are a Vodder School staple. It ensures Vodder’s original method remains intact and it is one of the things I treasure most about the school: It honors the teachings and recognizes that the techniques are a practice, a discipline and there’s always room for improvement.
I certified as a teacher back in 1995 and was taught by Hildegard Wittlinger who, along with her late husband Gunther, were Dr.Vodder’s hand chosen successors. The Wittlinger’s . introduced MLD to North America and Hildegard,now in her eighties, is still teaching and is as brilliant as ever.

To be a member of the Vodder School family is both empowering and inspirational. I welcome its discipline and the sacrifice required for mastery of this powerful technique. The training is rigorous but with it comes the certainty that we are able to provide our students and our clients a level of expertise that is of the highest value.


MLDAnne Bramham