As another year draws to a close it is time to reflect and once again I find myself dwelling on the profession in which I have spent my adult life.

Over the years I have respectfully and proudly used the word ‘Spa’. I respect ‘Spa’s teachings, its heritage and wellness traditions and was a little discouraged that our industry felt compelled to re-brand itself ‘Wellness’ .

But then I understand that In recent years the spa has become recognized more and more as an experience of pampering and beautification. Perhaps the word ‘Wellness’ will lead us back to our roots.

Our heritage, however, whether we go by ‘Spa’ or ‘Wellness’ is rooted in the practice of Natural Therapies. In understanding the physiology of the body and how the skin is a conductor of messages to and from the brain and organs, to the artful use of nature’s healing waters, clays and food combined with movement and a caring touch we have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the quality of our clients’ lives. Compassion and expertise should be necessary components of anyone entering this field as we are the caretakers of another’s wellbeing.

At ASTECC 2016 we will continue to strive for the compelling value of therapeutic care that will sustain and grow our industry, inspire, and motivate practitioners and bring them fulfillment in their work.
A Happy and Healthy 2016 to all of you.


Anne Bramham