Vodder’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


I have long been extolling the therapeutic virtues of Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD).. and for good reason: Vodder’s MLD consistently delivers amazing results.  

Many years ago, however, when I first began practicing MLD, I wasn’t quite sure.  At best, I suppose, I was a ‘doubting’ Thomas - always wondering if  MLD would  be effective in addressing X, Y or Z. With little experience to draw upon and only a few MLD therapists practicing in the USA, there were very few people I could call on for advice and  I had no other choice but to jump into the unknown. 

So I did.

It has been, I am happy to report,  an exciting and an ever expanding adventure -  exploring MLD’s effectiveness on… pain, its remarkable ability to gently and successfully address scarred tissue, frozen shoulders, chronic headaches, digestive disorders and more - including ALS and a depressed, despairing man in his early thirties who presented himself with chemical poisoning after having searched  the world for a physician or a program that could help him.  

I have witnessed my share of MLD miracles.

Did MLD cure ALS? No, but we did help alleviate some of the patient’s worst symptoms - allowing the person to  stand taller, walk straighter, form his words better and to to swallow more comfortably,

Did we help with chemical poisoning? Absolutely…. 100%. Over a period of four weeks I watched this thin, ashen face young man come to life day after day –  color returning to his face, resonance to his voice and even  ( believe it or not ) a reversal of hair color.

It was a beautiful thing to witness. 

One of the students who attended my Dr Vodder Clinical Wellness program in Hot Springs this past June was Amy Anderson.  One day Amy told me she had been practicing thermography and, as a subject herself, had seen inflammation within the breast tissue.  After a few MLD treatments the tissue had changed completely - testimony to MLD’s remarkable anti-inflammatory effects - in glorious technicolor. 

Above, see the before and after MLD images: MLD is ever so gentle…ever so powerful. 


MLDAnne Bramham