Dr. Vodder's MLD Autumn Program

Dr. Vodder's MLD Autumn Program


Basic Body (Sept 30-Oct 4) - This 5 day, 40 hour introductory training is composed of 32 hours practical and eight hours of theory. Students are introduced to the anatomy and physiology of the lymph vessel system and receive instruction in MLD techniques and protocols for nine individual body parts - neck, nape of neck, face, chest, abdomen, back, arms, legs and buttocks. ( Tuition $1095 includes all course materials - dvd, text, manuals, certificate)

Therapy 1 (Oct 6-10) - This 5 day, 40 hour advanced training builds on skills learned in Basic Body and introduces therapeutic techniques for the joints, head ( including intra-oral) and abdomen. Advanced theory and current research is discussed. An oral, written and practical exam is given to test the student’s understanding of techniques and theory..

Clinical Wellness (Oct 11-12) - Recognized by the spa, rehabilitative and medical communities this two day, 16 hour Dr. Vodder’s Clinical Wellness training focuses on the specific use of MLD in spa and / or medical wellness settings. The training immediately follows the Therapy I 40 hour class and must be taken in conjunction with Therapy I. Focusing on the specific use of MLD in both leisure and medical wellness settings, Clinical Wellness training concentrates on treatment protocols for sport injuries, chronic illness, pre and post cosmetic surgery, dermatological indications, cellulite, fluid retention, trauma and common stress related conditions including digestive issues, insomnia, sinusitis, and headaches.

An oral written and practical exam is given to test the student’s competence in Basic techniques, MLD theory and the application of Clinical Wellness methods. NCBTMB approved training (16 hours). Prerequisite: Basic and Therapy I.

Dr. Vodder's Autumn Program:
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