Esthetic Retreat: Aroma. Reflexology. Connective Tissue & Breath

Esthetic Retreat: Aroma. Reflexology. Connective Tissue & Breath


Drawing on ASTECC’s Esthetician curriculum and complimented by meditative relaxation and centering breath work, this five day experiential Health & Beauty Retreat coupled with pre-retreat online lectures provide detailed instruction in the regenerative disciplines of Aroma-Reflex, Reflexology, Connective Tissue and the contemplative arts of breath and meditation.

Led by ASTECC teachers Anne Bramham and Leah Carver, The Retreat examines the many aspects of a mindful and successful practice - intention, purpose, and value - while developing the practical and therapeutic skills that naturally elevate services into highly personalized, holistic expressions of health and beauty.

Commencing with 12 hours of online ‘live’ instruction ( weekly sessions of 1 to 2 hours beginning August 12th) the five day Workshop will run from September 22-26) and will be hosted by The Laughing Heart Lodge in Hot Springs, North Carolina.


A rebalancing technique corresponding to the anatomy and physiology of organ function, Reflexology is effective in identifying and addressing areas of congestion. Practical instruction emphasizes thumb & finger placement, techniques and structured protocols specific to esthetic practice.


An all natural, anti-aging ‘face lifting’ technique, this remarkable rejuvenating therapy firms, tones and balances the tissue while enhancing collagen synthesis and inducing deep, regenerative relaxation.


This aromatic inspired touch therapy explores the skin’s reflex action with face and body mapping while identifying the telltale signs of tissue distress which may compromise the integrity and vitality of skin. Employing facial drainage techniques, essential oils serve as a rejuvenating medium for treatment and re-balancing.

Pre -Retreat Online Sessions (via ZOOM)

Online Theory will begin:

  • August 12th: 7pm - 8pm eastern

  • August 19th: 4pm - 6pm eastern

  • August 26th: 4pm - 6pm eastern

  • September 2nd 4pm - 6:30pm eastern

  • September 9th : 4pm - 6:30pm eastern

  • September 16th: 4pm - 6pm eastern

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Tuition: : 1,700.00 Early bird price ends May 1, 2019 (Must be paid in full)

Hold your spot with a $300 non refundable deposit. Or to make other payment arrangements, contact us at 561-628-9793 or email us at To learn more about ASTECC we invite you to visit

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